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About Us

One Week. Changing DeMolay Forever. The Great Plains DeMolay Leadership Conference is unlike any other DeMolay conference in existence. Relevant learning tracks, engaging programs, and challenging activities put new and seasoned DeMolays alike in a position where exponential personal growth is not simply encouraged, but achieved. Since the first conference in 2007, the Great Plains DLC has never stopped implementing new and exciting activities and programs intended to spark a new fire for DeMolay within the hearts of the young men who call DLC home for one week. It is our mission to provide DeMolays from across the country with a fun, meaningful, and powerful experience which will inspire them for the rest of their lives.

Our Services

The Great Plains DeMolay Leadership Conference is designed to deliver innovative and meaningful messages in new and exciting ways to reach both youth and adults. By covering a wide variety of topics, presenting relevant programs, and challenging our attendees, DeMolays and Advisors are trained to adapt and lead in ever-changing environments, with the goal of empowering their chapters and their jurisdictions to do the same when they return home.

Develop Leadership Skills

Our team of highly experienced staff and mentors encourages DeMolays to explore and improve vital skills such as project planning, public speaking, service leadership, critical thinking, team work, problem solving, and much more. Our team is proud to serve as a real world example for attendees to emulate.

Experience Innovation

One of the hallmarks of the Great Plains DeMolay Leadership Conference experience is the top notch production quality and use of innovative media, lead by some of the most creative minds in DeMolay today.

Learn to Connect On A New Level

Using modern media, we demonstrate and teach how to effectively communicate your news, programs, and events to your community. Also emphasized is the power of social media and how it can help your mission.

Meet Members Nationwide

Exchange ideas and share successes with staff and attendees from over 15 jurisdictions. Lasting friendships are built, and the connections that are made will inspire and encourage attendees long after they return home.


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