The Commercial Competition has been an essential part of the conference experience. It challenges attendees to work together in developing meaningful messages and using readily available equipment to film, record and produce multimedia that shares thoseĀ messages with the world. New as of this year, guidelines for commercial production and submission have been described in detail in a new Commercial Challenge Rule Guide that is able to be downloaded below. The rule guide covers all basic rules for the competition with specific topics and rules changing each year to suite a new themes and challenges.

Commercial Competition Rules

2018 Commercial Challenge Themes


DeMolay/Video Games Themed

Basic Chapters will have the ability to make any commercial video that supports DeMolay in a generic feel or specialize in a video game theme.

Advanced/Jurisdictional Officer:

Great Plains DLC Track Videos

Advanced and above chapters have the opportunity to produce short videos that cover the purpose, activitiesĀ and other aspects of the Tracks offered by the Great Plains DLC Conference. Chapters will only need to focus on a single track when producing their commercial. Track selections by a chapter will be offered on a first come first serve basis.