In this challenging track, young men will reinforce and expand upon the lessons they learned in the Basic track. Once the Basic track has sparked a new enthusiasm for DeMolay, the Advanced track picks up seamlessly and is designed to forge and shape this enthusiasm into a daily habit. The Advanced track prepares it’s attendees to contribute to our increasingly fast-paced world, where they will need the skills to quickly and analytically break down tough situations. They will learn to observe the strengths, weaknesses, and the opportunities entailed with every choice they are faced with, and in doing so, will also become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Critical thinking is emphasized in this track. The Advanced track invites young men to think deeply about many issues related directly to the welfare of their chapters and jurisdictions. These topics transition from the “what” and “how” of DeMolay, to the “why”.

IMG_8386Additionally, the Advanced track prepares DeMolays to take the next leadership step in their home Chapters, focusing on strategies for being an effective Master Councilor. From running meetings and organizing committees to advanced term planning and project planning, the Advanced track aims to push its attendees towards greatness in any endeavor they choose to undertake. In many instances, staff and mentors will use their own successes and failures to teach their lessons, and will often reference DeMolay history and the histories of the great leaders of our world to demonstrate that the road to success is not always easy to navigate, but it is never impossible with the right attitude and support.

Any established DeMolay looking to take the next step in their DeMolay career is encouraged to attend the Advanced track.


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