Junior Advisor

The most seasoned DLC attendees often have the honor of being invited to participate in the Junior Advisor track. This track puts the service and leadership skills that the DeMolays have accumulated during previous DLC’s to real-world use as they provide invaluable logistical support for the conference staff. The conference Junior Advisors are the backbone of the conference and work closely with staff members, learning what it takes to coordinate and run the best DeMolay Leadership Conference in the country. Along with assisting with event set-up and tear down, lending a hand for Fourth Meal, and getting rooms ready for presentations, Junior Advisors also may be called upon to help run activities and are expected to be available to assist with whatever is required of them to ensure that the DLC experience is effective and enjoyable for all. They gain insight into large-scale event planning, implementation, and management.

JA's (Large)Perhaps most importantly, the Junior Advisors also act as exemplars of service for the other attendees, encouraging DeMolays in other learning tracks to someday achieve the honor of becoming a Junior Advisor. Also, Great Plains DLC is in a constant state of growth and change, and dedicated and passionate staff members are always being recruited, as they are required in order for the conference to have the most impact possible on its youth. When Directors are looking to add staff, they look first to the Junior Advisors. Those youth who have shown the most dedication, leadership, and commitment to service may have the honor of being invited to participate in DLC on a whole new level as a staff member for the next year.


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