Jurisdictional Officer

For those DeMolays interested in pursuing a Jurisdictional office, or those who currently hold such a position, this program will arm you with the proper tools and skills needed to reach your goals for your jurisdiction. Particular emphasis is placed on developing engaging presentation skills, the possession of which has been proven as one of the most effective tools for motivating masses into action. Some of the benefits of participation in the Jurisdictional Officer track include:

  • working with their JO peers to design and implement a fun night of their choice,
  • hearing presentations from previous jurisdictional and international officers, who are more than willing to share their experiences and tips,
  • meeting new Jurisdictional Officers in their area and networking with their track peers to accomplish goals on a state level and beyond,
  • and not to be overlooked is the unique opportunity to serve as a role model for those DeMolays considering furthering their DeMolay careers.

. Even if you are not currently interested in pursuing a jurisdictional office, these more advanced leadership skills can help a young man in his chapter, his state, or more broadly, his life.

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